Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you remember?

Today is 9/11.  A day where my generation remembers exactly where and what they were doing on this particular day eleven years ago.  I was a freshman at the University of Kentucky.  I had an early meeting at the library that day.  As I was leaving to return back to my dorm room, I happened to glance into an auditorium where students were gathering.  On the screen was a building on fire, but I honestly didn't think anything of it, just kept walking.  Once I was back at my dorm, I turned on the tv and there it was, continuing coverage of the first tower that was hit.  As I watched in horror, an airplane hit the second tower.  It was a sight that I couldn't turn away from, after that moment I just continued to watch all the breaking news and coverage.  I cried as people jumped from the towers, I cried at the thought of all those lives lost in an instant. 

Every year since on the anniversary of this day, I'm once again glued to the tv.  Remembering this event, thinking of those whose lives changed in a heartbeat.  I may not live anywhere close to New York or know of anyone who was directly affected, but that doesn't matter.  With that act, the entire country felt the pain and cried.  And each year, we remember. 

(I found this picture on another blog, www.jupinfamily.blogspot.com)

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