Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Dear Hubby,

Your first Father’s Day has come and gone. We hope that you know how much we love and appreciate you, as a father and as a husband.

This parenting experience is hard, hands down.  It tests relationships, even our sanity at times, but thankfully we have you to hold on and to keep us steady.

I always knew that you would be a wonderful father and to see you in action now with Mason, it’s good. He knows his Daddy, I can see that knowing when you walk in the room.  In that sweet smile that he reserves just for you.  He does love you, and before we know it, your little mini version will be following you around everywhere, not wanting to miss out on a single thing.

What do I want to share with Mason about his daddy? I want Mason to know what a strong man you are, in your beliefs, in your treatment of others, in your work ethic, in your love. He has some big shoes to follow in and I think he’s up for it, especially with you leading the way. 

With all our love,
Jayme and Mason