Thursday, September 10, 2015


My dearest Hadley,

One year ago, our family became 4 strong. I can’t even grasp how this quickly this year has gone, yet I feel like you have always been with us. You are a beacon of joy, and your smile lights up the room. You have the same easygoing personality as your brother, yet you are definitely your own person.  Content is a good way to describe you. There’s no rush for you, which has demonstrated many teaching moments for me. Life is to be enjoyed and embraced and you live this way in the fullest. You love to chatter and have so much to share. You adore your family with all your entire being, especially your big brother. Mason never fails to make you laugh and smile just with his presence.

My sweet girl, the love that I have for you is enormous.  My prayer is that you always fully embrace life. Continue to smile and find joy in even the smallest moments.  Love wholeheartedly.  Keep shining.
All my love,


Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring pictures

I get swept up into the whirlwind of parenting. Into the messiness, the repetitiousness that goes with that. Then I get these pictures and I just want to stare at these two. To soak in all their goodness and joy that they bring to our lives. To sit in amazement that these babies of ours were formed in me and we are charged with sharing our legacy. 

Photos by the amazingly talented April Shoulta Photography

Monday, February 23, 2015

Balance or the lack thereof

tell yourself you can do it
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This post cut into me. It opened me up and allowed me to acknowledge what I’ve been trying to put into words.

The everyday routine tasks threaten to make me feel like I’m drowning. I’m never caught up yet I feel any extra quality time with my family is lacking. Parts of me are torn in different directions so not one person or task is fully getting all of me. I know that I'm surrounded by so so many blessings but in this season I feel so worn. I’m in dire need of finding balance in my life and a way to nourish my soul because this mama is running on fumes. 

I needed to express these thoughts out loud because ultimately, I know I'm not alone in these feelings. 

So share with me please, how do you find balance?


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What I Wish Moms Would Say: Parenting Is...
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day

The snow finally made its way to Kentucky. About 10 inches of it in fact. I really don't mind it at the moment. There's just something about snow that I really appreciate, maybe the stark beauty of it. Even the memories that it evokes, of sledding, snow angels and hot chocolate to warm up. On this side of the state we do not see too many large snowfalls regularly, so everything tends to shut down which is exactly what happened yesterday. We enjoyed a fun snow day at home. 

Mason has not experienced snow when he would actually remember it, so he was excited to check it out. To his surprise and delight, he discovered that  snow was on both sides of our home. He, of course, had to check it out for himself.

The coupe just wasn't made for this type of weather.

The snow made for some tough walking for those toddler legs of his, but he kept on trucking through it. We did not stay out too long, but it was enough for him to have fun (and wear him out for a long nap).

Of course, a snow day has to include homemade snow cream! Mason helped me mix the ingredients and thoroughly enjoyed tasting it.

It was a good day.

And the girls are extremely disgusted with the snow. Running out of the coop only to discover that it was cold and as tall as them, one of my hens could not get back in fast enough, so they have not budged from the coop. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hadley Marie :5 Months:

My dearest Hadley, here we are at 5 months. You have just seamlessly settled yourself into our lives and we just cannot imagine life without our sweet girl. You continue to enjoy life and just handle whatever comes your way with your laidback attitude.  Dogs running around problem. Big brother trying to shove your paci in your problem.  Your smile is still constant and you have started sharing some belly laughs with us. You are a "talker" and I can only imagine what you have to say to us. We have brought out the bumbo seat for you and it's a winner (as long as we can keep big brother out of it). You like to be where the action is. You are an active little girl and can really get your arms and legs moving (just wait until you can really get somewhere with all that movement). Your hair is following right along with what Mason's did...thinning out and growing back lighter. Never in my life did I imagine I would have 2 blonde hair babies. 

You are such a beauty and the light just shines from your eyes. Keep shining girl! Lots of love to you!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hadley Marie : 4 Months :

Well, here we are, on the tail end of 4 months Hadley. According to your doctor, you are looking absolutely perfect (not surprising to us at all of course). You are my petite baby weighing in at 11 lbs. 13 oz. 24 in. and you still have the cutest thigh rolls. Embrace them now honey. 

 You continue to be such an easygoing little girl with not much that upsets you. You're quick to smile and enjoy "talking" to us. You decided to roll over from your stomach to your back a few times and you are all about kicking your legs around.

You continue to watch your big brother as he definitely entertains you. 

This month you decided why bother with a paci when you have a thumb that is always there when you need it!  

We just love you to pieces Hadley!