Friday, February 22, 2013

Mason James :6 months:

I can’t say enough how fast our time with Mason has flown by.  We blink and he’s growing, so here we are at 6 months.

Oh Mason, you amaze me. All that you are learning and grasping already in this world.

You still have the biggest and bluest eyes and they do not miss anything.  Constantly staring and taking in all of the details around you. I seriously would not want to take you on in a staring contest. Hands down, you would win.

You seem to be in constant motion. Grabbing anything within reach, then putting any items in your mouth. Sitting up while playing with your toys. Rolling around all over the place. Smiling at us. Laughing with us. Reaching for us. The simplest of things, yet milestones at this age. We forget where we all started from, how we had to learn all of these things as well. It’s exciting to see the developmental growth you are making, Mas. We are definitely proud of you!

Can I mention again that you are reaching for us?? You continue to reach straight towards your momma’s heart when you do that. Love it.

You have started eating foods on a regular basis in the evenings and you LOVE it. You get so excited when you see that bowl of food coming at you. Your little hands start reaching out and your mouth starts moving. I can’t feed you fast enough sometimes. Peas, zucchini, green beans and avocado have all been sampled. You are happy with most of them…avocado didn’t receive quite the same response, but I think I need to work on the presentation.    

Life with you Mason is not dull and I can imagine this is only the beginning of an entire new active little boy. I will say that parenthood is hard. Hands down, the hardest thing I have ever done. Yet at the same time, I have never known anything as rewarding. Amidst the tears and uncertainty, we have you, Mason. Our wonderful and perfect little boy who loves his momma and daddy.
Can I tell you Mason, that I continue to look at you in amazement and wonder that you are a part of your daddy and me? Who we are is woven through you. I pray that we can lead, guide and shape you into a strong and compassionate person. We love you always and forever.

My journey in breastfeeding

I always said I would breastfeed my baby. Always for at least the first year. When people asked, that’s what I told them. Well, we have hit the 6 month mark.

 Honestly, until the baby is here, you don’t realize how difficult breastfeeding can really be, how many challenges can occur and just how painful it can be in the beginning. Granted, everyone is different, but collectively something that our body is made to do, you would think it would be a bit easier. Regardless, a new mom has to maintain a strong mindset that she can do this. (Please keep in mind that I know some women are unable to for whatever reason.) It helps to have friends that just continue to reiterate get through the first couple of weeks. That’s what I kept repeating to myself in the beginning. And you know what, my body adapted and I really started to enjoy it.

The health benefits alone are huge, but the bonding experience…there’s just nothing like it. When Mason first made his appearance, he was placed on my chest for an hour…skin to skin. Nursing was the first thing that he “knew”. It’s instinctive for a baby. Unreal.

Now here we are 6 months later and I am still nursing him.  I have not faced many challenges that other women face.  Once I got past the initial pain, breastfeeding was easy for us and for that I’m thankful because I know that’s not always the case.

Lately, I have had a few setbacks (dealing with thrush, a lower supply due to sickness), but we’re still trucking on. Another setback…being told at your baby’s 6 month checkup that he is not gaining weight, has dropped down to the 5th percentile and dropped down 2 growth curves. Not what a momma wants to hear especially when you are the sole food source. I cried. I couldn’t help but feel that I had failed to some extent. That my body was letting me down. The doctor wanted me to supplement temporarily after I had nursed him. And breastfeeding mommas know that this could potentially be detrimental for supply.

Those were my initial feelings. I KNOW that I am NOT failing at feeding Mason. He is right where he needs to be in regards to his development. He’s just a long and lean little guy. I realized the importance of taking care of myself as well.  We’ve been battling sickness which in turn has affected my diet and my water intake, which affects my milk. I am on the mend now. Mason has started eating some pureed foods at night. I’ve increased the amount of breast milk he gets at daycare and he is getting some formula at daycare after he finishes his normal bottles of breast milk. I know there is a different chart of growth for breastfed babies and I’m not sure if that is what our doctor used, regardless, we’re working on plumping Mason up just a bit.  And I’m continuing to nurse him whenever he wants as long as he wants when we are together.  That’s my first priority.

This is just a temporary setback. We will get past this and continue to breastfeed as his primary food source. We will make it to his first birthday and if he wants to continue for a bit past that, that’s fine with me. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A bit of randomness

For the couple of weeks or so, our life has consisted of saline drops, nose bulb, humidifier, Benadryl, Kleenex, cough medicine, cough drops and we can’t forget about the many cups of hot water and honey.  Between Mason and I, we have been battling out with congestion and cough…his was contributed to teething, mine…not so much.

Regardless, a baby that doesn’t feel good is hard.  As a parent, you’re not completely sure what’s wrong and then your options are limited in how to help.  Lots of love trying to ease little’s pain. Then, add in a parent that is sick, especially the one who is the main food source, it’s rough.  Hopefully we are on the mend, or at least can get rid of our coughs.

He's not 100% but he's still maintaining his good attitude.

On to other life happenings, I managed to bake some pumpkin bread and it turned out tasty.  I have quite a few cans of pumpkin left over from the fall which needed to be used, so I managed to squeeze in some baking on the day I stayed home with Mason. Definitely a recipe I’ll try again.

 Yes, I'm a messy cook. I tend to go through quite a bit of utensils, pots and pans which make for an increased load to wash.  You think I would work on this, especially at this house since we have no dishwasher.  Yes, you saw that dishwasher. Regardless, I will have the sink full anytime I cook.

Here's the final product.  One loaf and there was also enough batter left over for 12 muffins which I froze for later. Yummy!

Change of subject again...I’m in the midst of planning a sweet little baby boy’s shower for a close friend of mine.  Invitations were just sent out and they turned out perfect (thanks to Etsy) and they definitely set the tone for the theme. Lots of ideas are floating around in my head….I just need to corral them.  Easier said than done.

The best news. WE SOLD OUR HOUSE.  Finally.  Really, in this market the time frame wasn’t too incredibly bad, but still, it seems like a long time when 2 mortgages are being paid each month.  So no more house in town, we’re solely country folk now.    

Well, the laundry awaits...