Saturday, February 2, 2013

A bit of randomness

For the couple of weeks or so, our life has consisted of saline drops, nose bulb, humidifier, Benadryl, Kleenex, cough medicine, cough drops and we can’t forget about the many cups of hot water and honey.  Between Mason and I, we have been battling out with congestion and cough…his was contributed to teething, mine…not so much.

Regardless, a baby that doesn’t feel good is hard.  As a parent, you’re not completely sure what’s wrong and then your options are limited in how to help.  Lots of love trying to ease little’s pain. Then, add in a parent that is sick, especially the one who is the main food source, it’s rough.  Hopefully we are on the mend, or at least can get rid of our coughs.

He's not 100% but he's still maintaining his good attitude.

On to other life happenings, I managed to bake some pumpkin bread and it turned out tasty.  I have quite a few cans of pumpkin left over from the fall which needed to be used, so I managed to squeeze in some baking on the day I stayed home with Mason. Definitely a recipe I’ll try again.

 Yes, I'm a messy cook. I tend to go through quite a bit of utensils, pots and pans which make for an increased load to wash.  You think I would work on this, especially at this house since we have no dishwasher.  Yes, you saw that dishwasher. Regardless, I will have the sink full anytime I cook.

Here's the final product.  One loaf and there was also enough batter left over for 12 muffins which I froze for later. Yummy!

Change of subject again...I’m in the midst of planning a sweet little baby boy’s shower for a close friend of mine.  Invitations were just sent out and they turned out perfect (thanks to Etsy) and they definitely set the tone for the theme. Lots of ideas are floating around in my head….I just need to corral them.  Easier said than done.

The best news. WE SOLD OUR HOUSE.  Finally.  Really, in this market the time frame wasn’t too incredibly bad, but still, it seems like a long time when 2 mortgages are being paid each month.  So no more house in town, we’re solely country folk now.    

Well, the laundry awaits...

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