Thursday, September 10, 2015


My dearest Hadley,

One year ago, our family became 4 strong. I can’t even grasp how this quickly this year has gone, yet I feel like you have always been with us. You are a beacon of joy, and your smile lights up the room. You have the same easygoing personality as your brother, yet you are definitely your own person.  Content is a good way to describe you. There’s no rush for you, which has demonstrated many teaching moments for me. Life is to be enjoyed and embraced and you live this way in the fullest. You love to chatter and have so much to share. You adore your family with all your entire being, especially your big brother. Mason never fails to make you laugh and smile just with his presence.

My sweet girl, the love that I have for you is enormous.  My prayer is that you always fully embrace life. Continue to smile and find joy in even the smallest moments.  Love wholeheartedly.  Keep shining.
All my love,