Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello? Remember me?

So I woke up earlier than normal and ran today. Well, maybe not "running" the whole time exactly, but I was moving, which is something, right? I've been in a funk lately. I decided that I needed this. This early morning time to myself to prepare for the day. Just me and the road. Hopefully, this can become a daily routine.
This picture. Just a drop of what we have picked over this summer. I must admit I enjoy eating food that we have grown, though sometimes the sight of Hubby carrying in more of these black buckets makes me want to lock him out.
We celebrated Mason's birthday which will be an entire post by itself.

I participated in my very first mug swap which was the greatest thing ever! Who doesn't love happy mail?? And a chance to be the giver for a new friend? THE BEST! Once again, a post of its own needs to happen about this.
This guy LOVES being outside. Exploring the great outdoors is his thing. And yes, he's a walker now. All the time. Yikes.
He's also learning to take on a few chores around the house. Such as
watering the flowers
and helping me cook.
Our little observer.  
 I hope to update this little space of mine with a little more consistency when I'm not chasing my *gulp* toddler.