Monday, November 11, 2013

A Veteran to remember

Flags were waving on Saturday morning while the Patriot Riders stood guard, in honor of a veteran that had served proudly years ago. 

That morning, we celebrated a life, or more accurately as expressed by most, a legacy that was taught through example down through the generations. 91 years of age. A WWII veteran. A carpenter. A farmer. A husband, father, brother, grandpa and great-grandpa. 

To me, he was Grandpa and he will be greatly missed. 

Full military honors were performed with such care and precision that led me to reflect on this Veteran's day of the sacrifices made by veterans presently and through the years. Of the prestige that we should bestow upon them for their duty and honor for their country.

Quite simply, I say thank you.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

So I'm not really one to buy holiday clothing for Mason (well, not yet anyways), so I decided to try my hand at making him a Halloween shirt after reading this post

The bleach pen shirt, which was not only inexpensive to make, but also cute! All you need is a plain shirt and a bleach pen. I googled various Halloween clip art to find a design that would be relatively easy, which in this case turned out to be the spider with its web.

 Before you start, make sure to cover a piece of cardboard with foil and place inside the shirt, so the bleach does not soak all the way through. 

For this design, I traced around the outside of the web, and filled in the rest of the details freehand. 

Here's how the shirt looked once I completed the drawing. I did have some trouble with bubbles in places, but overall I was pretty happy with the outcome.

Then just leave it alone with around 20 minutes or so and let the bleach really do its job. Once you notice that the design is set, rinse off with cold water.

My design ended up turning orange, not really sure how that happened, but it worked perfectly for Halloween! And here's my model (can I just share how difficult it is to take pictures of a 14 month old)

And for his actual costume (I had grand plans to make one, but life happened so mom picked one up for us), he makes one adorable lion cub.

Doesn't that expression say it all?

Just a lion cub protecting his own, making sure grandma doesn't get attacked.

Actually, he wasn't too sure what was going on with grandma continuing to open the door to various kids/creatures and giving them treats. He kept walking to the door to check it out.

A treat at the end of the night. 

Hubby's entertainment for the evening. 

We hope you had a roariffic Halloween!
(nothing quite like making up a cheesy word)
from our family to ours!