Friday, March 22, 2013

Mason James : 7 Months :

We have hit the 7 month mark and oh, how much fun we are having! Mason, I cannot tell you enough how much you continue to amaze me. All that you are learning, all that you are soaking in with those huge blue eyes.  

You are a pro at sitting up. Rolling around is your current mode of transportation. You still love to jump like a wildman and your puppy stuffed animal always makes you laugh. Napping (even eating at times) isn't always a priority when there's a whole world to explore. If you hear anything, you don't hesitate to investigate. 

The doctor is happy with your weight gain now and you are eating solids twice a day, which you love. You have tried quite a few different foods so far (peas, green beans, zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, plums, avocado, mangos, bananas). You have even been snacking on cheerios and puffs.

I must say Mason, your smile and laugh, bring joy to my heart and I can't help but respond in kind. Any time you see me or your Daddy, that sweet little grin appears. You have even started raising your arms up a bit for us to pick you up. Definitely not turning that offer down! You are a perfect mini version of your Daddy. You may have started out with dark hair but now your hair is much lighter, some might say you have a strawberry blonde tint. So handsome!

Despite you not always wanting to nap, I can usually count on you to fall asleep in the car. This particularly happens when we are on our way home during the week.  You play hard at school so as soon as we are on our way, you are out. 

You have become even more talkative and have so much to say at times. I'm teaching you to say MaMa. You haven't said it yet, but you really study my lips when I'm saying it. Other times, you just like to stare and take in your surroundings.

Mason, my love for you has no bounds. You hold such an important place in my heart and now it's hard to imagine life without you in it.  After you have fallen asleep while nursing, I just hold you. Take in that sweet baby smell while I still can. Snuggle you up close to me and whisper my love and my prayers for you. 

We love you sweet boy.

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