Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mason James : 4 months

Mason, you have reached your 4th month and we continue to be amazed with your development.  Each day brings a new experience and we love every minute of it. Your personality is starting to shine through and it has been amazing getting to learn who you are, Mason, even at this early age.  


You are such a content little guy.  Laidback, just taking in all of your surroundings.  You have no problem with anybody holding you and have enjoyed getting to know all of your extended family. 

You do tend to save your discussions for when you are around those closest to you.  And then you really express yourself, sometimes quite loudly.  It's fun hearing you find your voice.  Your Daddy and I have even been able to make you laugh, really laugh, and that has to be one of the greatest sounds ever.  Just melts our heart every time. 

We were able to bring home an early Christmas gift from your Granny and Pawpaw.  The jumparoo.  You can spend a fair amount of time playing, slobbering over all the toys, grabbing toys, you have even figured out the concept of jumping which causes the music to play. You get so excited!

You have rolled over from your stomach to your back twice. That was only after you reached a certain point of frustration about being on your stomach and then you grunted and gradually threw your body over.  You can really prop yourself upon your arms though while on your stomach.  We'll keeping working on the whole rolling over concept.   

For a few nights, our little sleeper was no where to be found, but he's back.  Whew!  Mommy and Daddy are happy about that.  It's hard on us when you cry, especially when alligator tears are involved.  I think you were going through a growth spurt.  Otherwise, you are a great sleeper, sleeping through the night or just getting up once during the night.  No complaints from us with that! 

You are a drooling machine these days.  It seems like I can't wash bibs fast enough! And the culprit...a tooth.  You are definitely growing teeth. You constantly chew on on your hands and everything goes straight into your mouth. I can even see the top part of the tooth in your gum.  We're just waiting until it cuts through. 

You had your checkup this week.  Your stats are: 13 lbs. 14 oz. 27 in.  You definitely take after your Uncle Robby.  Long and lean!  Speaking of Uncle like to hang out with him and I just know that when you get older, you're really going to enjoy your time with him.

Mason, joyful is one word I would use to describe you. You bring such joy to our lives and just look at the world with such awe and wonder.  You study it, which, in turn, makes us slow down and take note. The simplest gesture or noise will make you grin and sometimes even laugh. Other times you just look around and stare with those big blue eyes. Focusing and checking things out, not missing a thing. Thank you for being you, for coming into our lives and showing us another way to love. You are beyond special to us and I just want you to always know that.

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