Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's the Most Wondeful Time of the Year

A few snapshots of our household during this Christmas season.

These snapshots helped me to slow down. To bask in this season and to pay attention to the details in our lives.  The details that we see every day and tend to overlook. During this time of year, we can easily get swept away with everything that we think needs to be completed.  All the perfect decorating, finding the perfect gifts, the perfect wrapping of said gifts.  It can all be so overwhelming, especially to a new mom. 
At times I felt like I was the most disorganized person.  I didn’t get all my decorations out. Holiday baking failed to happen.  I was lucky to even purchase gifts, let alone wrap them in pretty packages. But you know what, our family had a little blessing to celebrate.
Christmas is not about how many gifts we receive.  It’s about so much more…the heartfelt giving, the family traditions, the moments that we experience, the birth of one little baby boy. Having a child has caused me to look at Christmas in a new light.  How do I want to share this wondrous season with Mason?
I want him to know about a little baby born in a manager. I want him to know about the spirit of giving. I want him to experience the comfort of family traditions. This is what Christmas is all about and sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in all the receiving, the hustle and bustle of trying to be everywhere at one time, or trying to please everyone.     
While completing some shopping before Christmas I overhead a woman discussing her plans for next year. She was tired of having to put up all the decorations herself, of having to buy all these gifts for people. Next year, she was putting up a tiny tree and heading on vacation. She was not going to mess with anything. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking a vacation during this time of year, but I felt disheartened to hear what Christmas had become to her…a hassle. I’m afraid this is what happens to many people.
For our family, I do not want that to happen. I do not want Christmas to become a hassle. I want the Christmas season to be filled with joy and excitement. I want to be intentional with our attitudes, so Mason can see what Christmas should truly be about.

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  1. Love this post Jayme! I agree that people often get too caught up in all the materialistic parts of Christmas and get overwhelmed by all of the busyness of that time of year that they forget what it's really about and to stop and enjoy it. That's why like you, I have tried to adopt a positive frame of mind around this time of year to keep from letting the hecticness get to me. Our Christmas season is made that much more crazy since Sophie's birthday is December 21, right before Christmas. But I don't want her to feel slighted by this and I want her to know that her birthday and Christmas are two seperate happy occassions to be celebrated and enjoyed. One way I kept the rush of the season under control this year was by shopping way early and wrapping everything early. I also started planning everything early- Sophie's bday party, our Christmas dinner, etc. I'm a planner, which helps, but getting it all done ahead of time takes a big load off. Love all of the sweet pics of Mason btw!