Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving with our little man.  He isn't quite able to enjoy the yummy food yet, that will come next year, but he is such a joy to celebrate with the family. Our blessing this year.

And celebrate we did.  It was a wonderful time visiting with all of our family.  We started the Sunday before with a visit to Columbia where both my mom and dad's family live.  It was the first trip with Mason.  He enjoyed meeting everyone, especially all of his cousins! On Thanksgiving day, we went to my parents' home where Mason joined us at the table for a delicious feast. Then on Friday we headed to visit Hubby's family for the weekend.  Lots of love was shared during this week, especially introducing Mason to family and friends.  Such blessings that we experienced!

Thank you Father for such a special time. Thank you for all of the joys in our lives.  We appreciate the time with our families, a time to catch up and enjoy one another. Thank you for all the love that is in our lives. Thank you for all we have been given! 

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