Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 Months

Mason has been a part of our lives for 3 months now.  He brings such joy into our lives each and every day. 

Mason, we just look at you and continue to thank God for you.  You are our little blessing.  You have started "talking" to us even more now.  We love to watch your little lips as they try to form noises.  You have so much to say and we are always ready to stop and listen.  

Your smiles and giggles are addictive.  I just love to see your entire face light up whenever you see me or your Daddy.   Your bright blue eyes are so big and really focus on us and your surroundings, you even watch us as we move around the room. 

You are great at holding your head up now.  This helps you to keep an eye on  your surroundings.  You are such a curious little boy. You have even started trying to sit up on your own. 

  You love to kick your legs. On the changing table, your play mat, our bed, your crib, your carseat.  Doesn't matter where you are, your legs are on the move.  Sometimes you even get your arms moving too.  I can only imagine when you get bigger, how active you will be.

You are a thumb sucker.  At night you would sometimes take a pacifier, but now, you want nothing to do with a paci.  Only your thumb and you have no problem finding it for yourself.  There's nothing sweeter than watching you soothe yourself as you fall asleep.   


Oh Mason, we hope you hold on to your inquisitive nature.  Embrace the world and learn from it.  Always take the time to be aware of your surroundings. To really appreciate all of it.  To learn from it.

Our sweet boy, how we love you.  To the moon and back. Always remember that.

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