Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back to the world of adults

I want to thank everyone who thought of me today and kept me in their prayers.  That meant so much to me as I faced this day. 

Today I joined the working world once again.  After 12 weeks of living and breathing motherhood around the clock, it was time for me to get up, make myself presentable and learn how to carry on adult conversations.  I've had an emotional week just preparing for today when Mason would attend daycare. It's been hard.  I cried. I worried. I prayed. Quite a bit actually.  It hurt my heart to have someone else care for him, to see all his sweet smiles and to have someone else hear his conversations.  For me to miss out on these moments.  Especially the fact that he has been struggling to even take a bottle.  How could he possibly be away from me?  

But, you know what, it all worked out.  He took a bottle...2 actually.  Ms. Phyllis worked her magic and my boy was able to take his bottles.  Talk about a relief.  Once I called and checked on him during the day (no Mason crying in the background...whew), my heart was finally able to settle down.  He was fine...stomach full and chattering to his caretakers.  

And the real question is how did I do, since we know Mason is a "go with the flow" kinda guy?  I made it and enjoyed my productive day.  I had my cry and I talked with God on the way into work while listening to K-love. I arrived at work and jumped right back into the flow of it.  Even getting the hang of talking with adults again. :) I felt more at ease once I had my progess report of Mason. The day went quickly for me.  It also helps that I am now working part-time and have flexible hours.  Thank God for a wonderful boss and place of employment!

Another positive guys sent me flowers to help me get through the day.  How blessed am I to have such thoughtful guys in my life??

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