Wednesday, July 11, 2012


9 months.  That is where I am on this pregnancy adventure which seems unreal to me.  Soon I will be a mom.  I have carried and nutured this sweet baby boy, our Mason, around for 9 months.  Part of me is ready to have my body back and I hate to sound selfish, but I'm just plain tired.  I do love feeling him move and everyone says that is a part of pregnancy that they miss the most. 

The other part of me is overwhelmed by the thought of labor, of becoming responsible for another human being that is totally and utterly dependent upon me.  I've some bits and pieces of advice, but I try to avoid that because that could overwhelm me even more. 

I continue to ask God for strength to carry Mason until his delivery date, strength to be the parent that He would want me to be and the courage and understanding to know that I'm not going to be the "perfect" mom but that I have so much love to give.    

We will make it!!

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