Tuesday, May 28, 2013


On K-Love, they discussed a video last week where moms were interviewed and basically spoke of their "failures" or shortcomings as parents, and characteristics they wished they exhibited more of when dealing with their children. A mother's perspective. Then, these same women were brought back in to to watch interviews of their children describing what they thought of their mom. Amazingly, these children spoke of experiences that were meaningful to them, positive experiences that radiated the love they felt. A child's perspective. 

As moms, we tend to be our harshest critic. So many things we wish we would do differently with our children. So many what ifs, should have or could have. What if we took a moment and grabbed a tight hold on what we are doing right, even right now? Because ultimately, I know that those moments of rightness are there, in more abundance than we can imagine. We just have to step back and accept that our children love us for us, not the "perfect" mom that we think we need to be.
This was my first mothers' day. To look at Mason and to know that I have been entrusted with him, that's daunting and an immense responsibility. It would be so easy to get overwhelmed, which I admit, does happen at times. But that little guy, sees me and smiles. That little guy looks to me with openness in his big blue eyes. He challenges me to be a better person and he accepts me, faults and all. 

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