Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mason James :9 Months:

Oh Mason, to think that this was the same amount of time that you grew in me...oh how time goes by in a blink. 

This month has brought about new adventures for us since your world has expanded. You are on the move!

You are keeping us on our toes with your rapid crawling pace and discovering all sorts of things to try and get a taste of before you are caught. Nothing like realizing you have left the dog’s food bowl down (with food still in it) and racing your 9 month old to the bowl. Never a dull moment in our household.

You absolutely love to explore. We’re enjoying watching to see what interests you and catches your eye.

You pull yourself up to stand whenever the opportunity presents itself and you have even let go briefly to stand on your own. We even had to lower your crib since you like to stand up. Slow down sweet boy, momma’s not ready for you to walk quite yet.

You are a joy, Mason. The infectious giggles and grins. Getting down on the floor with you, at your level, brings laughter. You love to “chase” us and then when we change direction and come after you, you attempt to change direction but really you’re anticipating the tickles and the kisses.

There are times though. Where you are extra clingy to those you know well, particularly me. Where you don’t want to eat your food. Where you arch that little back and throw your head. Where you just fuss and we’re not completely sure why. Trying times for us. But that’s okay. These times will happen and even though we experience trying times, we also experience the best of times. It’s all in this crazy roller coaster of parenthood.

Looking at you, Mason, I see determination. You fall, yet you pull yourself back up. You keep going. Your obstacles may not be big in the grand scheme of life right now, but they are to you and you persevere. Keep on little man! We love you forever and always!

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