Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Prayer

To Hadley and Mason,

I want to start off saying that you are loved. Such seemingly simply words but they hold so much power.  I urge you to never forget that because there may come a time where you feel the complete opposite. Personalities may flare up, we may butt heads and you may feel alone, but remember you are not. You have an entire village that supports you and an all-encompassing God to hold you.

Your life matters, and so does others. Be kind and compassionate. Those are the greatest gifts you can offer to those you come in contact with on a daily basis.  Let people know that you care and are invested.  Listen and be present. We live in a busy world with lots of distractions and we are losing the gift of being present.  I urge you both to slow down and just be available, to open your ears and close your mouth, and really hear what someone is saying, not only with their mouth but by their actions.

Be you, not the person you think others see, but what you feel in your heart. You are unique and gifted in your own ways. Don’t follow because it’s the thing to do.  Embrace who you are. This can come with its challenges and can be downright difficult but the outcome in discovering and understanding your self will be well worth it.

Laugh often and smile frequently. Laughter is so good for your heart and soul. Find joy in the simplest of tasks and share that joy with others. I hope each day you are able to see the bits of gratitude within your life. Some days might seem darker than others where you struggle to see the blessings but I promise you they are there in the smallest of details.  

Above all, my precious Hadley and my precious Mason, I urge you to be a light that shines brightly in this world. All of my love,


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