Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hadley Marie :3 Months:

So our girl time together during the day has come to an end as I jump back into the workplace. It's bittersweet really. The days of just the two of us, me soaking in that young baby smell, you soaking in my smells, just holding you and taking in your sleepy sighs, I've enjoyed them. There's just something about that time in the beginning, the newness of our lives intertwining especially now without the chaos of big brother. 

You are such a sweet baby, so easygoing and enjoy just hanging out soaking in everything. You are doing so well holding your head up which helps you watch your big brother as he is constantly on the move. You're a talker too. Lots of coos, smiles and bubble blowing. I can only imagine what all you have to say. 

You love to stretch out and kick those little legs. Your mat is especially fun. Sometimes you work out so much that you fall asleep.

I'm really having fun with your headbands and outfits which sometimes you just aren't sure about, but you can pull off anything, just take my word for it.

My Hadley, you have the most precious smile which you generously share. Keep sharing that smile because it lifts spirits and brightens the days. 

Lots of love, 


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