Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mason James :10 Months:

(Please note: So I'm behind, really behind on my Mason updates seeing as his first birthday is quickly approaching. Yikes!!)

Oh Mason, life with you is always changing, which makes things exciting around our household!

You are a crawling machine. Always the little explorer, checking out all that our home (or wherever you are for that matter) has to offer.  


You enjoy talking and singing to us or yourself.

You enjoyed your first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house. You know your grandparents and always have a cuddle and smile for them.

You experienced the pool for the first time. You were a fan and loved to splash the water.  

These days you like to ride around with style and will even push it around the house yourself.

The toy that you want the most is usually at the bottom of your container, so of course, you have to pull out everything. We have even caught you head down, feet in the air, trying to get want you wanted. So funny. 

You are light in our eyes and you keep bringing smiles wherever you are. We can't help but stare at amazement that we have been entrusted with you. Keep exploring little one!
We love you!

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