Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mason James :: 5 Months

Oh how we love to see you grow and develop, Mase, and it’s happening right before our eyes.

Mason, with your big blue eyes, you have always been aware of your surroundings.  Now, you are interacting with your surroundings.  You enjoy being around people, observing their every move. If they are holding something you want to hold it too.  Well, not only hold it, but rather put it in your mouth.  That’s where everything belongs now…in your mouth.

Especially your toes.  Anytime we lay you on your back, which is the perfect opportunity for you to get a good taste.  And tasty, they must be.  Sock or no sock, your feet end up in your mouth.  A little suck of your thumb and a little taste of toe and you’re happy.  Life is good 

You’re still working on rolling over.  You can roll from your stomach to your back, but not consistently.  Sitting up unassisted is another work in progress.  I think you’ll be there soon though.

You love to watch Savannah and Snoopy.  If they sit by you, you’re always ready to pat them or even offer them a nice slobbery kiss.  I see a strong friendship down the road (well, mainly with Snoopy).

You know what else, Mason, your laughter creates such warmth in our hearts. It is contagious. Absolutely our favorite sound and one that we just can’t ever get enough of.  The noise just overflows out of you at times, whether you are finding the joy from a toy or mommy and daddy or other family loving on you.

My hope for you.  Always find laughter. Always find joy in the world because IT IS THERE. The world may seem dark at times, but just continue to look.

Mommy and Daddy love you, forever and always.

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